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I am delighted to announce that the Abingdon BID ballot has been a great success for the town

The official ballot results are:

The total number of valid votes cast: 148
The total aggregate rateable value of valid votes cast: £3,953,025
The total number of valid votes cast in favour of the BID: 86
The total aggregate rateable value of valid votes in favour of the BID: £2,903,975

Percentage of YES votes 58%
Percentage of rateable value of YES votes approx 73.5%

Abingdon BID now has a clear mandate to proceed with the introduction of a Business Improvement District for our town.

We are delighted that we have received the support of businesses in town and we now look forward to setting up the BID Company and starting work in April 2016 to deliver services and initiatives over the next five years.

The BID will enable Abingdon to benefit from nearly £800K of investment over the five years and allow the new BID Company to initiate projects proposed in the business plan. Projects will include marketing and promotion to draw in visitors and new businesses, promoting Abingdon's independent businesses through a Uniquely Abingdon brand, parking initiatives and more high profile events.

Among the BID's first tasks will be to recruit a BID Manager, secure office premises and draw up detailed operating plans for the first 12 months.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the BID so far. Officially the BID does not start until April 2016, but our work commences now and news updates will be released here on the website and through social media. You can sign up for email updates or follow us on Twitter.

For further information please contact

Mike Hurley
Chair Abingdon BID

For videos of the Launch Event CLICK HERE to view our YouTube Channel.

What is a BID?

In 2004, following successful models in Canada, America, South Africa and Australia, the UK introduced legislation for the creation of Business Improvement Districts.

Since 2004, over 200 BIDs have been created including London, Newcastle, Swansea, Nottingham, Brighton, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

Nearer to home, Newbury and High Wycombe have recently voted in their BIDs and are already feeling the positive effects. BIDs succeed because they are focused, entrepreneurial and cost efficient – providing a powerful and fast response to business needs. They are not a replacement for local authority and police services, but provide an additional resource.

They are funded by businesses through a small levy, applied to the rateable value of commercial premises. BIDs are created following a ballot of participating business ratepayers. They have a maximum term of five years before they have to return to their electorate for renewal.

There is simply no other mechanism that puts businesses into the driving seat to secure a long term and fair way of funding town centre management and promotion.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are about businesses working together and investing collectively in local improvements, in addition to those delivered by the statutory authorities. These will be of benefit to businesses involved whilst contributing to the wider aspirations of the local residential community and growing the local economy.

  • BIDs give businesses a strong voice in issues affecting them.

  • BID Levy money is ring fenced for use only in the BID area.

  • BIDs deliver increased footfall, profits, marketing spend and reduced costs.

  • BIDs work! Of the 200 BIDs in the uk, over 50% of them are 2nd or 3rd term renewals.

  • BIDs enable positive change!

It is up to you - your BID, your voice, your vote.

Why Abingdon-on-Thames needs a BID

Mike Hurley
Chairman of the Abingdon BID
and owner of Dream Doors
Despite its beauty, history and charm, Abingdon and its businesses face challenges to grow, thrive and survive.

A BID is an area of a town or city where business ratepayers vote to invest collectively in local improvements to boost trading conditions. With escalating costs and squeezed margins, we know that asking you to vote in favour of paying a levy to create a Business Improvement District (BID) in Abingdon is a big ask. However, without a BID, I believe we face an even more uncertain future, in which nearby towns and retail parks will overtake our town, taking our customers and new businesses, and leave Abingdon a shadow of what it could be.

This is why I want you to consider supporting the BID as an investment - an investment not only in your business but also in the health of the town overall. Remember, a BID is led by you - the businesses in the town. It is not a council initiative and money raised goes directly into the projects you and other businesses support.

It is your BID, your future - and you need to invest your passion into it!

The Abingdon BID will stimulate flexibility and adaptability in our town, enabling businesses to be responsive to changes on the high street.

I own a business in the town and will pay an annual BID levy of £230 which is £4.40 per week. However, I don’t see my BID levy as a cost - I see it as a sound business investment. An investment in a strategic plan that will deliver a tangible return, precisely because it is directed and administered by businesses like ours and works to increase pedestrian footfall and spend.

The BID will invest almost £800,000 in the town over the next five years if the October 2015 ballot gets a ‘YES’ vote. I hope you are as excited by the plans for your business as I am for mine. I urge you to commit your support and ensure that the Abingdon BID gets its chance to deliver these vital projects.

We’ve got one chance and I truly believe that this is an opportunity we business owners cannot afford to miss if we want to see our town thrive.


Frequently asked questions

How much will your BID invest in the town?

Between 2016 and 2021 Abingdon BID will invest…

What we’ll generate in income Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total
  1 April 2016 –
31 March 2017
1 April 2017 –
31 March 2018
1 April 2018 –
31 March 2019
1 April 2019 –
31 March 2020
1 April 2020 –
31 March 2021
Total BID levy £122,000 £125,000 £128,000 £145,000 £148,000 £668,000
Other generated income £37,000 £39,000 £40,000 £41,000 £42,000 £199,000
Total income £159,000 £164,000 £168,000 £186,000 £190,000 £867,000
Repayment of DCLG loan -£16,000 -£17,000       -£33,000
Contingencies -£8,000 -£7,000 -£7,000 -£7,000 -£7,000 -£36,000
Total income £135,000 £140,000 £161,000 £179,000 £183,000 £798,000

What we’ll invest in your chosen
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total
Theme 1: A well-known town £29,000 £32,000 £32,000 £32,000 £32,000 £157,000
Theme 2: An eventful town £49,000 £46,000 £52,000 £62,000 £66,000 £275,000
Theme 3: An attractive town £9,000 £21,000 £33,000 £36,000 £36,000 £135,000
Theme 4: A productive town £48,000 £41,000 £44,000 £49,000 £49,000 £231,000
Total expenditure £135,000 £140,000 £161,000 £179,000 £183,000 £798,000

How much will the BID cost your business?

The majority of town businesses will pay 1.75% of their rateable value a year towards the BID.

Over half of town businesses will pay just over £250 a year towards the BID, and the average BID payment will be just over £232 a year. Large businesses such as Waitrose will pay £5,000 a year.

The exact amount you will pay will be based on the rateable value of your business premises, which means you will pay proportionately, based on your business’ size. The table below will help you to see how much you are likely to pay.

First year payment into the BID (Your levy)

Size of business Your business
rateable value
Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly
Micro business Shop/Office
e.g., Frend&Co
£3,100 15p £1.00 £5.00 £54.00
Small business Shop/Office
e.g., Newbury Building Society
£7,900 38p £2.00 £11.00 £138.00
Average business Shop/Office
e.g., Dream Doors
£13,250 58p £4.00 £19.00 £232.00
Medium shop/office
e.g., Gifts & Gallery
£31,250 £1.50 £10.00* £45.00* £546.00*
Medium-large business Shop/Office
e.g., W.H. Smiths
£59,000 £3.00* £20.00* £80.00* £1030.00*
Large business Shop/Office
e.g., Boots the Chemist
£106,000 £5.00* £35.00* £155.00* £1855.00
Superstore Shop/Office
e.g., Waitrose
£920,000 £14.00 £97.00 £416.66 £5,000

If you would like an exact breakdown of what your yearly bill will be email:

* Calculations have been rounded to the nearest £


Calculate how much you'll be investing in the success of our town. 1.75% of the rateable value of your premises.

Enter your rateable value here: £

Cost per annum:

Per month:

Per week:

Per day:

This is a tax allowable expenditure and the figures quoted above are before any tax relief.

Am I in the BID area?

Abbey Close
Audlett Drive
Bath Street
Bridge Street
Bury Street
Checker Walk
Coxeters Yard
East St Helens Street
High Street
Lombard Street
Market Place
Ock Street
Queens Street
St Helens Wharf
Stert Street
Stratton Way
Tannery Court
Thames Street
The charter
The Square
The vineyard
West St Helens Street

How have the projects in this business plan been chosen?
The projects in the BID Business Plan are based on ideas put forward by businesses through the various questionnaires, surveys and meetings we have carried out. The most popular ideas have been costed and included in this document.

What if most businesses vote ‘YES’?

Just like a political election, there is no minimum turnout required. If a majority of businesses (both in terms of total number and overall rateable value) vote ‘YES’, all businesses in the town centre will be asked to pay into the BID, even if individual businesses voted no. The money collected will be ring fenced and transferred back to the BID Board and held in the BID account for sole use by the BID to deliver the projects set out in the BID Business Plan.

What if most businesses vote ‘No’?

Very simply, the projects set out in this BID Business Plan will not go ahead. As a result, Abingdon will quickly fall behind other nearby centres, especially those with established BIDs, shopping centres or retail parks, where this type of activity is paid for through a service charge paid for by all businesses.

What if I don’t vote?
Much like a general election, there is no minimum turnout for a BID. So, if you don’t vote, it will not affect the outcome of the ballot in any way.

Who has to pay BID levy?

If we get a ‘YES’ vote, any person, registered company, charity or non-profit making organisation (with a rateable value of £3000 or more) who is a business occupier or leaseholder within the BID area will pay the BID levy. Property landlords are only liable if the property is empty and a lease does not exist.

Are there any exemptions on BID levy?
Yes, non-retail charities (such as Citizens Advice/Churches) that get rate relief will not have to pay the full BID levy. They will receive the same percentage reduction they get on their business rates. High Street charities, such as second hand clothes shops will have to pay the full BID levy as they are retailers and will benefit directly from an improved trading environment.

What will the BID cost me?
The amount you pay will be based on your individual business rateable value and so smaller businesses pay less than larger businesses. The rateable value for an average sized business in the town centre is £13,250, for which the annual contribution would be £232 per year – that’s less than £5 per week and less than £1 per day. Find out more on page 20 or email

Which rateable value will be used to calculate my BID contribution?
We will use the 2010 listings, which came into force on 1st April 2010. You can check these listings and your rateable value on

Isn’t this just a way for councils to save money?

No, BIDs cannot replace existing public services already provided by bodies such as the council, police and others. In this way, the BID only improves current standards and does not subsidise or replace them.

What about council services?
Before the BID begins all statutory services provided in the BID area will be baselined as at the day before the BID commences. The BID will also enter into memorandums of understanding with the local councils/agencies that require them to liaise closely with the BID in regards to current services and in particular any proposed changes to statutory services throughout the BID term.

Who will run the BID?
BIDs are operated as not-for-profit organisations that are led by business people and made up of key business and other representatives in the BID area. In Abingdon it is planned that the BID will be run by an independent Abingdon BID Company. It is likely this will be formed from the members of the current BID Executive Team (page 23) and if you are keen to be part of this, email

Why do businesses have to pay for all this – why isn’t someone else paying for it?
A BID delivers brand new projects that no one else has or will deliver. BID income cannot be used to pay for services that are already being provided. In this sense the BID will add value by delivering additional activities in Abingdon that cannot be funded/delivered by others.

What period would the BID cover?
The BID would cover a five-year period between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2021.

What benefits do BIDs bring to everyone?
Experience across the country has shown that BIDs have resulted in the following key benefits:

Increased customer footfall

A more buoyant local economy

Reduced individual business costs through joint projects

Physical improvements to the area involved
A united business voice on key issues

Businesses being more involved in community projects

Fair fee structure in that all contribute but smaller businesses benefit more in proportion to larger businesses

Builds local pride in the town

What’s in it for me?

BIDs across the country have proven that they increase customers visiting a town centre like Abingdon, help to grow business’ profits, give businesses like yours a greater voice and create a fair system of contribution towards key improvements.

What benefits do BIDs bring to specific businesses?

BIDs benefit a wide range of businesses in different ways, here’s a quick snapshot:

Nationals and chain stores
The BID programme will invest a significant annual sum in marketing and events to restore loyalty to Abingdon and reach out to new, regional audiences.

All plans are designed to drive footfall and sales. Without continued investment, the outlook for Abingdon will be even more challenging in these tough times, but through the work of the BID, nationals and chain stores can sustain and boost their customer sales.

Independent retailers
A large part of Abingdon’s appeal lies in its specialist independent businesses and we want to continue to promote this unique regional offer.

For most small businesses the annual BID levy will cost less than the price of a single full-page magazine advert in a local newspaper.

Independent businesses can expect high quality marketing of specialist retailers, strong communication with the BID Steering Group, a strong voice as part of Abingdon BID and access to subsidised offers on a variety of products and services.

Professional sector
Abingdon is home to a vibrant professional services sector and Abingdon BID aims to support this sector through delivering office based businesses initiatives to reduce overheads and drive down costs.

We will also help you grow your client base through local networking.
Leisure and catering business
Eating and drinking is an essential part of Abingdon’s strong visitor offer and the leisure economy is vitally important to the town. We need to cement Abingdon’s position as a regional heritage, food and evening destination.

We are also committed to promoting our food, drink and leisure offers through our marketing proposals. We are committed to better showcase and promote Abingdon food and drink businesses.

Tourism businesses
Whilst tourism numbers are growing year on year, the need for tourism visitors is increasing, in particular to compensate for a downturn in regular consumer spending in the town.

Abingdon, through Experience Oxfordshire, can react by developing core activities aimed at targeting the town’s immediate catchment, as well as to reinstate local loyalty in the town throughout the year, thereby making it less susceptible to seasonal tourism fluctuations.

Importantly, Abingdon BID has also recognised the wider need to promote the town to a regional and national tourism audience. This is best addressed in a properly coordinated and joint fashion and the Abingdon BID would help to coordinate marketing efforts with Visit Abingdon and more.

Tourism businesses can therefore be reassured that Abingdon will continue to attract visitors from close to home and further afield through the above channels, as well as through major events.

Your BID
Your Vision: Your projects

The whole point of a BID is that it is directed by businesses like yours, for businesses like yours. That’s why when we started planning for a BID in Abingdon we knew we had to canvass your ideas.

We have undertaken various consultations from public meetings to surveys and one to one as well as group meetings. There is a strong appetite for a BID and for collectively addressing certain issues and we have used your feedback and knowledge to create the Business Plan.

We have commissioned the services of an experienced BID consultant and with her expertise and your feedback we have decided how to structure the BID.

Abingdon BID:

  • A 1.75% BID levy is fair and micro-businesses should pay from £75 per year, with the maximum levy for large businesses capped at £5,000 a year.

  • There should be no pooling for businesses with multiple votes – if a business owns two rateable premises then that business should pay two levies.

  • Landlords of empty properties and owners of void businesses should still pay the BID levy, as boosting trade will help them let their properties.

  • Retail charities should pay the BID levy as they trade in the same environment as other shops and businesses and will benefit from increased footfall.

  • There should be an 80% exemption for properties with Mandatory Charity Rates Relief, which include non-retail charities, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

  • All new developments and commercial properties will be included in the BID boundary, so that when they open these businesses will also pay into the BID.

Your views have inspired these projects – through various consultations with local businesses. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Theme 1
A well-known town:
Marketing, promotion and PR
You said: You want to see better marketing
for the town, raising the profile of Abingdon for
eating, drinking, shopping and business. You
want to celebrate Abingdon’s reputation for
culture and heritage to attract new customers
and promote the town and its events through
high-profile press, radio and PR campaigns.
Abingdon BID will: Develop a comprehensive
marketing strategy that outlines how to bring more
footfall and spend into Abingdon. As well as implementing
the campaigns that are informed by this comprehensive
marketing, the BID will also work in partnership with
existing marketing organisations including Experience
Oxfordshire to help extend and improve the quality of the
town’s marketing draw.
Theme 2
An eventful town:
High-quality events to boost
You said: You want to see more and better
town centre events, to make the town a more
vibrant and attractive place to visit. Boosting
Christmas events is especially important to
Abingdon BID will: Deliver the high quality festivals and
events that town businesses have asked for. The events
will aim to boost rather than detract from local trade and
help to showcase the town’s offer to local, regional and
national visitors. The BID will also help to promote other
town events through enhanced marketing activity.
Theme 3
An attractive town:
Town Centre, parking and
cycling initiatives
You said: You want to see improvements
to the local environment to make Abingdon
more attractive and more accessible to your
customers. You want to promote and support
the café culture in the town with free WI-FI for
all, and also make improvements to parking to
encourage customers to linger longer.
Abingdon BID will: Implement a range of activities to
make the town centre environment more conducive to
trade and to improve perceptions of parking. We will also
implement street and signage improvements to
encourage pedestrian flow and lobby for improved town
centre parking facilities.
Theme 4
A productive town:
Business support and lobbying
You said: You want a voice for local
businesses and someone dedicated and
responsible for promoting Abingdon town
centre, representing the interests of town
businesses and key in managing the BID
Abingdon BID will: Employ a BID Manager, directly
accountable to businesses and managing all the
projects within the BID proposal. The BID will also support
businesses through a range of initiatives, lobbying on
their behalf to push forward projects such as Superfast
Business Broadband, encouraging new businesses to
set up in town and making the BID cost neutral through
collective purchasing opportunities.

After getting so many businesses’ views, we’re confident the projects and initiatives included in the business plan reflect your views. We hope you share our excitement about the difference it could make to trading conditions in Abingdon town centre over the coming five years.

A good thing about Abingdon BID is the cost. For nearly half of all Abingdon businesses, the BID can deliver all of these projects and more, for a levy of £250 or less per year. It’s a small investment for such a big return, but whether or not the BID goes ahead is up to you. If you want to see these projects and more delivered, it’s vital you vote ‘YES’ between 2 and 29 October.

BID Executive Team and supporters

BID Executive Team

Mike Hurley
Dream Doors

Elaine Hurley
Dream Doors

Bryan Brown
The Choose Abingdon

Nick Cosford
Gifts and Gallery

Paul Holt
Newbury Building Society

Kevin Thomson

Stuart Bates
Wenn Townsend

BID Supporters

Jill Carver
Added Ingredients

Melanie Inness
Frend & Co

Geraldine McTier
Slade Legal

Eric Murphy
Babelquest Digital Marketing

Peter Saunders
Crown & Thistle

Nikki Atkins

Mark Thornton
Mostly Books

Andrew Threlfall

Richard Mackay
Throwing Buns

Andy Davis

Janice Bicheno
The Gift Centre

Other BIDs around the UK
Some facts, figures and achievements from other BIDs in the UK

Winchester BID - 2nd term
  • 25% increase in daily tours of the city

Holborn BID - 3rd term
  • The bulk-buying club achieved 25% savings on electricity costs

Bedford BID - 2nd term
  • The marketing created an additional 9,000 people in town per week

Kingston BID - 3rd term
  • Retail sales increased by 7.5%
  • £9.4m of BID levy money reinvested in the town
  • £5.4m of non-levy income invested in the town
  • Over 200 businesses have saved £1250 each since the recycling scheme began
  • 78% of clubs and pubs achieved Best Bar None national accreditation
  • 415 businesses participated in one or more events or marketing campaigns
  • £30m investment secured to create and promote a more cycle friendly town centre
  • Winner of ATCM Night Time Economy Award 2013

Coventry BID - 3rd term
  • Has increased footfall by over 2% when the West Midlands average was down by 6%, a very dramatic contrast

Solihull BID - 2nd term
  • Spends £1.3 million on marketing and events over the five year BID term

Truro BID - 2nd term
  • Events bringing in an additional 25,000 people
  • Website receives 1,000 hits per day with one page for every business to the value of £150
  • Production of 17,500 event guides
  • Marketing coverage valued at £30,000 - £40,000
  • 9th lowest retail vacancy rate in UK (out of 750)
  • 3 consecutive Gold awards for South West in Bloom

Falmouth BID - 2nd term
  • Falmouth Spring Festival
  • New logo and brand for the town
  • 100,000 new visitor map guides distributed
  • New logo to support Fal 350
  • New Falmouth shopper bag
  • Six vacant sites revamped e.g. Woolworths and Threshers
  • Official new website with over 500 pages
  • National PR campaign achieving £200,000 worth of national coverage - a return on investment of 15:1
  • New street furniture, 200+ new flags, 2,500+ metres of bunting and 100+ floral displays
  • New Christmas Festival
  • A new cruise ship scheme that has trialled the dropping of 5,000 passengers in the centre of town
  • Free training courses for local businesses and financial support for all major local events.

Plymouth BID - 3rd term
  • Parking promotions - Manages the Council car parking scheme
  • Daytime crime reduced by 23%
  • Summer Festival generated 100 press articles and 20 TV features valued at £250,000

Hull City Centre BID - 2nd term
2006 to 2011

What the facts say
During 2007, the BID achieved a 38% reduction in crime within the city. On the clean front, over 1,200 pieces of graffiti were removed from the city centre by the BID’s cleaning team. Moreover, a concerted campaign between the BID, Ambassadors and the Local Neighbourhood Policing Team to crack down on graffiti artists in the city centre resulted in six young people being prosecuted for similar offences in December. However, the most recognisable BID activity is the events programme. The Christmas light switch on event alone attracted 99,333 people, compared to just 40,961 the previous Sunday.

What the businesses say
“We have had the BID now for some 14 months and when reviewing what has been achieved it is quite remarkable. It is far ranging and we can all be pleased with what we are doing to make the city a better place for all.”

Mike Killoran, Centre Manager
Princes Quay Shopping Centre

Dorchester BID - 2nd term

A project to encourage shoppers to use canvas bags rather than plastic.

The sturdy, machine-washable Dorchester BID bags come in three different varieties of canvas or cotton. The bags were made available to all town centre businesses on a first-come, first served basis. The bags were a massive success and all 2,400 bags were sold. The BID now plans to produce up to 20,000 bags using a school competition to design the 1st ‘official’ Dorchester bag with businesses having the option (at extra cost) of having their own branding/design on the bags too.

The total cost to buy the bags was £2,700. Of this, £1,500 was recovered by the BID through bag sales to the shop keepers albeit at a subsidised rate. Another £750 was contributed by the local authority in exchange for having a ‘Reuse for Dorset’ slogan on the bag. So, the net cost to the BID was £450.

Hammersmith London BID - 2nd term

Hammersmith London is promoting green transport through Dr Bike Events that offer free bike servicing and maintenance. The events are structured as 3-hour open events that the BID holds on a regular basis since its successful launch in March 2008, in partnership with TfL who provide the funding for the mechanics.

Relatively easy to implement, Hammersmith London BID organises a gazebo on a public square covering the lunchtime period. On offer are free: bike checks, bicycle servicing and maintenance, advice on repairs, puncture kits, bicycle and road safety information, puncture repairs, gear adjustments, and bicycle chain checking and oiling. It also features police property marking for bike frames and database registration to prevent theft and aid recovery using BID funded PCSOs.

The project cost was negligible as the design was done in-house, no printing was involved and the venue was free. The costs for Dr Bike mechanics was met by TfL.

  • Wrapped more than 2,300 Hammersmith-bought items as part of their free Christmas gift wrapping offer in 2014 alone.
  • 4,000 visitors to their two websites per month
  • Introduced free WI-FI
  • 250 tonnes of recycling diverted from landfill in 2014
  • ATCM’s BID of the Year award 2014

Due to renew 2016

BIDs in the UK

Aberdeen Inspired BID
Acocks Green Village BID
Albion Business Consortium Industrial BID(1st renewal)
Alloa Town Centre BID (1st renewal)
Angel BID (1st renewal)
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Brixton BID
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Dublin BID (1st renewal)

Dun Laoghaire BID
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Dunfermline Delivers BID (1st renewal)

Dunoon BID
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E11 BID - Leytonstone (1st renewal)
Eastleigh BID
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Essential Edinburgh BID (1st renewal)

Falkirk BID (1st renewal)
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Fitzrovia BID
Gadbrook Park BID
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Garratt Business Park (1st renewal)

Giffnock BID
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Great Yarmouth BID (1st renewal )
Great Yarmouth Tourism BID
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Hainault Business Partnership (1st renewal)
Halebank Industrial BID (1st renewal)

Hamilton BID
HammersmithLondon (1st renewal)
Harrow Town Centre BID
Heart of Hitchin BID (1st renewal)
Heart of London Business Alliance:
Leicester Square & Piccadilly Circus (3rd term)

Heart of London Business Alliance:
Piccadilly & St James
Hinckley BID (1st renewal)
Hull BID (1st renewal)

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Kingston BID (1st renewal)

Kingston BID (2nd renewal)
KIPPA Industrial BID (1st renewal)
Kirkwall BID
Lancaster Unlimited BID
Lancing Business Park (1st renewal)
Langthwaite Business Park
Largs BID
Lerwick BID
Letchworth Town Centre BID
Lincoln BIG (1st renewal)
Liverpool City Central BID (2nd renewal)
Liverpool Commercial BID
Lochness and InvernessTourism BID
London Riverside Industrial BID (1st renewal)
Longhill & Sandgate Industrial BID (1st renewal)

Loughborough Town Centre BID
Lowestoft Vision BID
Manchester BID
Manor Royal, Industrial BID
Mansfield BID
Melton Mowbray BID
Merthyr Tydfil Town Centre BID
Milngavie BID (reballot)
New Addington BID
New West End Company (2nd renewal)
Newbury BID
Newcastle NE1 BID (1st renewal)
Newham Industrial Estate
Newquay BID
Northampton BID
Northbank BID
Northfield BID
Northwich BID
Norwich BID
Nottingham BID
Oban BID
Oldham (BID Oldham)
Orpington BID
Otley Town Centre BID
Paddington BID (2nd renewal)
Paignton BID
Penrith BID
Plymouth BID (1st renewal)
Plymouth Waterfront BID
Preston BID (1st renewal)
Reading BID (2nd renewal)
Royal Leamington Spa BID (1st renewal)
Royston BID (1st renewal)
Rugby BID (1st renewal)

Salisbury Town Centre BID
Sauchiehall Street BID
Segensworth Industrial BID - Winchester (1st renewal)
Segensworth Industrial BID - Fareham
Sheffield Lower Don Valley Industrial BID
Shrewsbury Town Centre BID (re-ballot)
Skipton BID (1st renewal)
Soho Road BID
Solihull BID
South Queensferry BID
Southend-On-Sea Town centre and seafront BID
Southport BID (reballot)
Sparkbrook and Springfield BID
St Austell BID
St Ives BID
St Peters Quarter BID
Stratford upon Avon BID (1st renewal)
Streatham BID
Successful Sutton BID
Sunderland BID
Sutton Coldfield BID
Swansea BID (1st renewal)
Tavistock Town Centre BID
Team London Bridge (1st renewal)
Torquay Town Centre BID
Truro (Totally Truro) BID (1st renewal)
Twickenham Town Centre BID
Vauxhall BID
Victoria BID
Waterloo Quarter BID Lambeth section (1st renewal)
Waterloo Quarter BID Southwark section (1st renewal)

Wellingborough BID (1st renewal)
West Ealing BID
Weston Town Centre BID
Weymouth BID
Willow Industrial BID (1st renewal)
Wimbledon Town Centre BID
Wimborne BID
Winchester BID (1st renewal)
Winsford 1-5 Industrial BID (1st renewal)
Witham Industrial BID
Worcester BID
Worthing BID (1st renewal)
Of the 200 plus BIDs in the UK almost 50% of them are second or third term renewals! This clearly proves the success of BIDs!

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